Secret Sharer

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Michael, R., Chicago
"We both thought "The Secret Sharer" was masterly, and a bold adaptation of Conrad's story to make the hidden person a woman and to set the film in the region of modern China. The rusty, exhausted-looking ship is a powerful presence and the engines become a sort of underworld force. The crew go with the ship and remind me of the motley band in B. Traven's classic story "The Death Ship". The young man playing the captain was excellent and utterly credible throughout. The woman was beautiful but sometimes uncertain. I think she was being asked to play a mythological presence, like a mermaid, and directed to play simultaneously contradictory feelings rather than (for her character) a set of clear, logical steps through which the audience realizes the necessary contradictions. We both loved the delineation of the crew members and found them fascinating. The ending was very lovely and quite unexpected...”
via Feedback form, 24/11/14

Fr Mark, B., London
"A fable of ways lost and found, set within a voyage that is supposed to go nowhere but which ultimately arrives safely to harbour in a ship that becomes a home. Wonderful ensemble performances from a cast who convince as the initially bedraggled, hopeless crew of the trap ship, transformed by the secret presence of the castaway into a skilful family conscious of its own power. Excellent cinematography and a haunting score complete the set for a movie that is for grown-ups of every age."
via Feedback form, 14/11/14

Mark, I., London
"Over and above an intriguing story, well told and beautifully captured, I loved seeing the seafaring life - the profession of my ancestors - and the dynamics of a closed and unfamiliar world. It was also refreshing to see China on a human scale, rather than as the daunting entity peopled with stereotypes that we are usually fed.."
via Feedback form, 11/11/14

John, E., London
"A gripping tale with loads of warmth and humanity brilliantly filmed on board a ship in the China Sea."
via Feedback form, 07/11/14

Ferris, J., London
"I loved the film. Ok so I am a sucker for sea stories and the colour of rust red and natural blues. But I thought the film story dealt with the captains decision to hide the fugitive rather better than the original. A decision by a contemporary male captain to hide a male fugitive would seem so unlikely and would have raised issues the story wasn't about. But a beautiful woman and the sexual tension that came with her better explained his decision and accentuated his moral struggle. And she was lovely. The Chinese crew were believable and funny. Which mop today? The whole film seemed so exotic it made me want to get on a plane to Bangkok and find a boat going to the South China Sea."
via Feedback form, 07/11/14

Corrie B., London
"I loved the way the story slowly unfurls, making each moment important. And the resolve of the two main characters is fantastic and beautifully portrayed, letting the intensity and vulnerability of their relationship have the space to blossom into trust. The colour scheme is glorious, particularly the powerful use of red, very striking. But the thing that really moved me was the unity of the cast. I’m not sure if any if those moments were improvised or if because of the multi linguistics with in the cast the script had to be accurate- but it read as if all those people really had been aboard that boat nine years."
via Feedback form, 22/07/14

Bryan and Marquette F., Haslemere
"A privilege attending the premiere of Secret Sharer. A film full of excitement, action, intrigue and suspense. If music does not make a film, it is often remembered for it - and that is certainly so here. Great performances from Jack Laskey and Zhu Zhu . We shall look forward to seeing Secret Sharer again soon."
via Feedback form, 28/06/14

David H., London
"[We] thought it was splendid. It combined adventure, romance, comedy and the sea and also had political overtones. It should appeal to audiences of many backgrounds and ages.The two main characters are well portrayed and the supporting cast convincing as the ships crew... the plot grips the attention,whilst the stunning photography and the musical score lend great support. .A remarkable film which ensures audience attention throughout."
via Feedback form, 24/06/14

Chani & Danny S.., London
"What a wonderful film! We loved it and would love to see it again in the future, to get more of the details. There were a lot of things we enjoyed. Jack Laskey was very good as a vulnerable, immature lad undergoing a transformation; we enjoyed very much the crew on the ship, the photography, the ending. It grounded the female protagonist and gave her a context (a surprising one!) in a way that was necessary for the story to move towards a conclusion."
via Feedback form, 24/06/14

David B., London
"A beautifully shot film and well crafted narrative. And a fascinating account of East meets West. A real treat."
via Feedback form, 24/06/14

Mark & Jenny E., London
"We were both charmed by the performances and your telling of the story. Excellent casting throughout... As Jenny said, “at last, a proper film!"
via Feedback form, 24/06/14

Sonia M., Oxford
"Very good story telling which builds on the global times we live in. Excellent acting and some really terrific visual images."
via Feedback form, 31/05/14

Rona F., Alcester
"It is a great story skilfully told through beautiful cinematography, development of characters and music, taking you through a whole gamut of emotions. I found the use of English and subtitles particularly clever in that it made me look at the characters in different ways than I would otherwise have done so. By the end of the film I felt a great connection to them all in a way that I would never have imagined at the beginning of the film. Everything about the film draws you in and makes you want more and the ending was perfect, leaving your own imagination open to a number of possibilities."
via Feedback form, 31/05/14

Elizabeth D., London
"The character development in the film Secret Sharers is so in tune with the gradual increase in tension in the situation they find themselves in. As the film progresses one sees that the ship too is like another strong character. The atmosphere created by the superb filming is increasingly moving as the film moves toward the climax. I recommend this film. "
via Feedback form, 21/05/14

Charlie L.- Aged 16, Alcester
"Secret Sharer was an evocative account of the friendship/love relationship between two characters from such distant backgrounds. The character of Konrad was a very insightful protagonist that allowed for the audience to emotionally connect with him in regards to his circumstances and his expressive journey through the hardship of being a belittled captain."
via Feedback form, 14/05/14

Amber D.- Film Student, Alcester
"Secret Sharer is the most refreshing film I've seen in a long time, with a real meaning and an insightful look into a different culture."
via Feedback form, 14/05/14

Tom M., Alcester
"This is one of the best adaptations of a Conrad story I have seen. The colour, the sound, the tension, the fear, the mystery and the longing of this tale are authentically brought to the screen. I wish there were more films that immersed me and held me in the story like this one did. "
via Feedback form, 09/05/14

Frances. H., Alcester
"I enjoyed the film very much for several reasons. I was pleased to hear that it was a fable and that it was set in the ocean. I was put off by the mention of Conrad as an influence as I studied Heart of Darkness at school and I hated it. The atmosphere in the book was so oppressive. The initial scenes were intriguing and almost oppressive and I didn’t like the hero but I was glad when the beautiful woman came on board and the hero’s mood and interest lifted as did mine. I enjoyed the humour in the film. The alcoholic was superb and I laughed with the cooks as they enjoyed the preparation of food and their garden of herbs and spices.I loved the extraordinary parts of the film. It should appeal to a large audience."
via Feedback form, 07/05/14

Meg. W., Alcester
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Secret Sharer particularly the development of the main character. I found the setting on the ship evocative and atmospheric, adding to the story. The pace was excellent and, having not read the story before, kept me waiting to see how it would end. I liked the ending particularly as it left the continuation to the imagination. I shall go to see the film again when it comes out as I suspect there was a lot going on in the background that I missed by concentrating on the story."
via Feedback form, 06/05/14

Sean M., Alcester
"We were privileged to see a preview of the film in Alcester, with a fascinating Q&A with Peter and Henrietta. We enjoyed the film, with its high production values and enticing, unusual storyline. We enjoyed it more in the second half (after a slow-paced first half), particularly when the chemistry between the captain and crew members began to kick in. It was at this point that the lead actors performances seemed less wooden too. The crew members were terrific, portraying some tantalising cultural differences and some lovely comic moments. Thanks so much for the opportunity to get a sneak preview before June!"
via Feedback form, 06/05/14

Ziggy L., Alcester
"Thank you for making this film, it is very enjoyable and takes you through an emotional roller-coaster, a well made film with a bit of every genre in it, romance, action, adventure etc. I would recommend this to anyone. I am a teenager and thought it would be bad but it came out quite the opposite. A must see film."
via Feedback form, 05/05/14

Marek W., Alcester
"The movie was absolutely fantastic! It gave out a lot of positive energy that gave us good emotions. The film was very fluent accompanied by good music and lead by good actors. Nowadays we get to see very different films in the cinemas, of which many give out negative energy. “Secret Sharer” is different and it left us with a pleasant mixture of positive feelings and mystery. I already recommended your film to my friends. We wish you all the best for the future and we hope to see more of your films."
via Feedback form, 02/05/14

Solveig H., London
"What a beautiful film. Stunning photography and great storytelling. I was truly moved emotionally!"
via Feedback form, 08/04/14

Chris A., Hawkhurst
"The film was terrific! Excellent story, quirky, great humour and charaterisations, some lovely cinematograpy, suspense, romance. I'm already recommending it to my friends. I'll even go and see it again at the Kino when it comes out! Lovely also to hear from the director and scriptwriter. A brilliant evening. Very best wishes to you all for the film launch. And thanks for showing it to us."
via Feedback form, 08/04/14

Gordon C., Aldeburgh
"I enjoyed "The Secret Sharer" enormously. I have read Conrad - but not this story - and the film seemed to capture the spirit of this strange writer very well. A gripping adventure with a constant dark hint of eternal matters. The photography was full of haunting images and disturbing angles. The duet of cooks was particularly entertaining though it is hard to imagine any of the actors being better. I must see it again..."
via Feedback form, 26/03/14

Susanna B., Chichester
"The stunning photography at the beginning and end of this film was quite superb. The close up shot of the rusty tanker sliding slowly across the screen led us into a story full of surprises. There was humour and intrigue and the relationship between the two main protagonists left us wanting to know more. I loved this film."
via Feedback form, 26/03/14

Linda E., Hawkhurst
"Having never read any Conrad I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised as had heard Conrad could be heavy going! Great cast, wonderful old rust bucket,lovely music and some very funny moments. A great night out at Kino in Hawkhurst!"
via Feedback form, 25/03/14

Dick P., Chichester
"We loved this film. The music marches you through to a wonderful resolution of a clash between Asian crew who have adopted the old ship almost as a tribal home and the cosmopolitan rookie captain posted to sail the ship to the breakers' yard. In the course of which they discover respect for each other and rediscover their humanity. It's Conrad with a marvelous modern twist."
via Facebook, 25/03/14

Miranda, Chichester
"The film is beautifully made and very charming. It disrupts our prejudice and our reality with a very light touch."
via Feedback form, 25/03/14

David C., Chichester
"A wonderful universal quest for manhood, guided by a goddess. Compelling."
via Feedback form, 24/03/14

Toby H., Aldeburgh
"I went to last night's showing at Aldeburgh last night and was so impressed! The film had everything - humour, pathos, superb characterisation and the supporting cast of the ship's crew members were immense. Great Q&A session after too! Can you release a soundtrack of the music please. All the best with the general release."
via Facebook, 21/03/14

Margaret F., Aldeburgh
"Thank you for sharing this movie with us. I really like the colour contrast at the end of the film. I understand that there is a lot of controversy about this ending, Personally I really liked it. My first thought after the movie ended 'I would love to see this again'."
via Facebook, 20/03/14

Jonny W., Chichester
"I saw this film at the New Park Cinema in Chichester on Sunday to celebrate my 38th Birthday. I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic film and the insightful Q&A with Peter following the screening. All the best for films release in June!"
via Facebook, 19/03/14

Basia K., London
"Go and see it. It's a beautifully shot elegantly romantic but not soppy film"
via Facebook, 17/03/14

Barbara K., London
"I went to see the film with some trepidation as Conrad is not the lightest of writers, but was very pleasantly surprised. Beautifully shot, the emergent love story was captivating, and the two main protagonists came across as intelligent, restrained and brave. Admirable. the post show discussion was very illuminating and actually made me want to read the original story. Thank you."
via Feedback form, 16/03/14

Michael & Sally O., London
"We did so enjoy Secret Sharer. Wonderful and moving story – that brilliant old ship, the motley crew that became fine men again, the scenes, all the funny bits!"
via Feedback form, 12/03/14

Stephen P., Woodbridge
"The film itself was great... in so many ways. Visually brilliant... Beyond that, extremely thought provoking. I had to take a look back at Conrad's own words... especially the end, where his hat 'marks the spot'. I really hope that Secret Sharer can make it to a 'big' audience."
via Feedback form, 12/03/14

Joanna R., London
"I liked the Secret Sherer very much. It kept me in suspense. The culture clash between the Chinese crew, who viewed the ship as their home and the Polish Captain, who realised that he was sent to do an impossible task. But Pole and the Chinese work together in the end, helped by a mysterious beauty. Lovely film."
via Feedback form, 12/03/14

Joanna C., London
"Beautiful film. Kept me captive and reminded me of years I spent living in China. How clever of the Director not to fall for a conclusion in the main characters relationship and keep them so close and yet apart. I will certainly recommend it to the film club I belong to, for their next season. The Polish connection adds a lovely, light touch."
via Feedback form, 11/03/14

Rosemary W., Woodbridge
"The film, from the first shots of the battered, dirty tanker, took us into a world not experienced by most of the audience. To add to this the characters of seemingly rough Chinese seamen, and a tender love story, with 2 wonderful young actors, was a heady mix. With beautiful shots of sunsets and the wild china seas, I hope the Secret Sharer goes far and wide with great success."
via Feedback form, 28/02/14

Peppy B., Woodbridge
"Now here is something. An extraordinary, intelligent, gripping film which makes you think. To begin with I was terrified – watching this young captain (beautifully played by Jack Laskey) taking charge of a rotting Chinese freighter with a hostile crew and bound on a voyage to literally nowhere. As the film progresses – with the help of a fugitive girl he secretes in his cabin - he grows to see the crew for the individuals that they are and finds ways of gaining their respect. All sorts of boundaries shift and change and you come out feeling as though you’ve been on the voyage with them. And I’ve never seen a film that recreates so well the strangely alien world of the sea and those who live on her. Beautifully written and directed by Peter Fudakowski. A film to be proud of. Go and see it."
via Feedback form, 26/02/14

Halina M., London
"What a treat to see Fudakowski's Secret Sharer! I was totally intrigued by the plot based on Conrad's narrative of friendship and trials of the human spirit, and I found the photography and the incidental music quite enchanting and hauntingly atmospheric. I am recommending this film to my friends, who I know will appreciate its true art and the impeccable subtlety of the erotic theme. This is a film for connoisseurs!"
via Feedback form, 23/02/14

John D., Woodbridge
"Brilliant – everything about it! Hope it wins that 2015 Oscar!"
via Feedback form, 23/02/14

Eva S., London
"It's film that stays in your mind and touches you deeply. It has all the elements of a classical drama: the unity of place, time and action which makes the story keep you captive throughout. But above all it has a heart, an inner light and beauty derived from a belief in humanity."
via Feedback form, 12/02/14

Ewa G., London
"Secret Sharer by Peter Fudakowski – A film of an extraordinary, irresistible to all senses, portrayal of true romance with its erotic sensuality, free from physical conclusion, holding desire alive throughout the film; so rare in today’s cinema. A film of creative unexpected adventures in every scene and every expression of characters, drawn masterfully by lightness, sympathy, humour and an in depth knowledge of human nature.
Fudakowski, the story teller, not only holds one’s attention by intricate changes in the unfolding dramas but seduces as well by his unexpected choice of an exotic and beautiful music score.
And finally, all of Secret Sharer’s lightness of being; the sea wind blowing between captains shirt and his youthful body, lies not only in the extraordinary vision of the director but also in that of his talented cameraman.
I left the cinema feeling transparent, weightless and joyfully contented as one feels in the presence of a masterpiece."

via Feedback form, 11/02/14

Richard B. London
“I found Secret Sharer a most entertaining film. It was gripping throughout, beautifully photographed and extremely well acted by a talented cast. The leads were attractive and some of their scenes together were charged with an erotic strain which was skilfully understated. It was a big challenge to update a Conrad tale of this kind in a convincing way. I considered that the attempt was largely, if not wholly, successful. I would have no difficulty in recommending this film to others and have already done so.”
Iwona B. London
“I enjoyed Secret Sharer a lot and believe that it has the marks of a very good film. I found the story exciting and convincing, the acting was great and the two leading actors were just excellent. I loved the beautiful shots too. I especially appreciate the fact that you used for your inspiration a story of Joseph Conrad (Korzeniowski) our compatriot and one of the greatest writers of all times. It was a very ambitious undertaking and it paid off, you managed to create a powerful, dense & mysterious atmosphere for which his novels & stories are renown. I was not so sure about the ending and the music did not work for me as well as it could, although I loved the Polish theme. All in all a very interesting film though not quite as dark insightful & gripping as works of Conrad. It is definitely worth seeing and I have already recommended it to my family and friends”
via Feedback form, 08/02/14

Josh S., Fontainebleau
"I kept thinking about the film the entire evening, which is indeed quite rare for me. Only films that are quite special have such an impact and I realized that after such intense pondering on film I would definitely like to see it again. I’m quite critical of films but I greatly enjoyed Fudakowski's work and will by all means will recommend it to friends and colleagues."
via Feedback form, 07/02/14

Janusz B., London
“I did enjoy it very much! This movie is very poetic and rare. I do admire the recreation of the atmosphere on board the ship! This is coming from experience, for over nine years I served on board a Cruise Liner as an Officer.”
via Feedback form, 06/02/14

Alison C., London
“The film shines a light on the often lonely lives of seamen and the reasons they are called to a life at sea. Sensitively directed and beautifully photographed the film takes us on a young Captain's journey to understand and lead his disparate crew with the help of the mysterious "secret sharer". As with Tsotsi, the music is integral to the experience and I loved that it reflected both the Captain's roots and his passions. Go to see this film. It lingers long after the credits.”
via Feedback form, 06/02/14

Alicja M., London
“Beautiful movie with equally beautiful pictures and music.
I was impressed by the excellent Fudakowski's Directing. I highly recommend The Secret Sharer.”

via Facebook, 03/02/14

Sophie R., London
“An intriguing, original film; beautifully shot and highly atmospheric. I particularly loved the scenes featuring the ship's crew - they form a hilarious supporting cast.”
via Feedback form, 02/02/14

Ania H., London
“Fabulous secret which I will share with everyone!”
via Facebook, 01/02/14

Nancy N., London
“The viewer is a passenger on the boat as well, immersed in the scenery, and the complex relationships of all those aboard. An unforgettable journey and film. Simply gorgeous.”
via Feedback form, 27/01/14

Daniel W., London
“Well acted, sensitively directed and beautifully shot.... a successful and original take on the haunting Joseph Conrad story brings a blend of east/west cultures that is fascinating and compelling. The viewer is amply rewarded with a film that is thoughtful, mystic and an unforgettable cinematic experience.”
via Feedback form, 26/01/14

Stefan W., London
"If you like romance with a touch of intrigue and want something quite different from a Hollywood film go and see/watch Secret Sharer. A movie about China and the west set on the high seas with comedy, drama and a love story at its heart."
via Feedback form, 24/01/14

Alberto F., London
"What I enjoyed most about Secret Sharer is that fact that it depicts a journey, which on the surface looks so simple, yet underneath this beautiful simplicity lie layers of sub-plots, intricacies and existential questions, which intrigue the audience. Each character seems stuck in their own environment only to be "woken up" by foreign counterparts who enter their lives unexpectedly. This is most evident in the romantic interactions of Konrad and Li, where two distinct cultures collide and intertwine to create a captivating dynamic. The crew provide the necessary sparks of laughter which lighten the tone at the right moment and all in all this presents an entertaining and thought-provoking alternative to the conventional Hollywood love story."
via Feedback form, 23/01/14

Deborah H., London
“I loved this film. It is beautiful and haunting and Jack Laskey has real screen presence. There's is something for everyone including some great touches of humour. I urge you to go and see it when you get the chance.”
via Facebook, 23/01/14

Peter W., London
“This is a rich and satisfying film shot through with mystery that makes it subtly intriguing - there's enough action to keep you watching too - and the music is hauntingly beautiful. Go see!”
via Facebook, 23/01/14

Charles C., London
“It is rare to find such a thrilling romance made with this intelligence, wit and visual excitement. It is a real pleasure to watch and hold in the mind's eye for long afterwards.”
via Facebook, 23/01/14

Alexandra W., London
“The film fulfils my traveling fantasies with its rich music, vibrant cinematography, and outstanding combination of characters. It reveals that friendship knows no boundaries."
via Feedback form, 23/01/14

Fahimul S., London
“A beautifully shot film with a mysterious and thought provoking love story. Brilliant!”
via Facebook, 22/01/14

Jing L., London
“A film that seduces you with its warmth, humour and heart. The landscapes are sublime and you really feel as though you are on board in the midst of all the action. A beautiful blend of the charms of the East and West."
via Feedback form, 22/01/14

Pev M., London
“I loved the movie from end to end: a beautiful, funny, poignant and sexy rite of passage movie which is totally absorbing with a great cast and lovely cinematography and music. Can't wait to see it again on a big screen. Great ending too!"
via Facebook, 22/01/14

Eloise M., London
“An intricate story with memorable characters; beautiful to watch and a film that leaves you with much to think about afterwards. Am looking forward to seeing it again."
via Feedback form, 22/01/14

Helena K., London
“Lovely lyrical re-imagining of Conrad’s story. Excellent sensitive performance by Jack Laskey, real star quality."
via Facebook, 21/01/14

Jan L., London
"This is a great film. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the photography – a lot of effort has very successfully been put into making sure a lot of scenes are really quite beautiful to look at."
via Feedback form, 20/01/14

Eva H., London
“Secret Sharer is hauntingly atmospheric and I thought about it for days after seeing it. And the Chinese crew was such a bunch of characters!”
via Feedback form, 20/01/14

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