Secret Sharer


A contemporary fable told with epic beauty, humour and a twist in its tale, Secret Sharer is a romantic and sensuous moral story about a young man’s journey into maturity through challenging human relationships on the high seas.

Set in the South China Sea on a rusting Chinese cargo ship, it’s the Polish captain's first command. His mutinous Chinese crew suspect he and his criminal boss want to scuttle the ship, their only home, in an insurance scam.

When the crew abandons ship, the young captain is left alone on board, confused and helpless, anchored in a bay. That night, while waiting anxiously on deck, he finds a naked body floating in the sea below, tangled up in the ship’s rope ladder.

Pulling up the ladder, the captain discovers a beautiful Chinese woman, alive but in distress. Uninvited, she climbs on board. Her only words to him are “Hide me”. Dawn comes a few hours later and so does a search party led by the woman’s husband, followed by the crew, all looking for a murderer…­